Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Introduction . . .

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was a Gestational Surrogate.  She was surrounded by people who didn't understand, so she created a blog.  A blog to show the world (or anyone who actually happened upon it) what it means/meant to be a Surrogate.  To eradicate myths.  To show the truth of her own experience. To hopefully bring others into this amazing journey.

It worked.

She was able to show the public first hand, what the process was.  She was able to help others see that ethical surrogacy is just that, ethical.  She was able to prove that lots of women who chose to be surrogates are SMART, AMAZING, LOVING, ALTRUISTIC and also financially stable, educated and wonderful people (before they were surrogates) who wanted to help couples create or complete their families.

She was able to blog over 7 years about three of her own journeys . . . helping three couples become families by "growing" five embryos . . . two sets of twins and a singleton.  She was also able to to openly share that these families were gay.  Six men, three egg donors, five beautiful children . . . all happy, loving families . . . who just happened to be gay.

And her blog tried to show all this.

Several women have mentioned that her blog was the main reason they applied to be surrogates.  Others say that her blog sealed the deal.  Which lead to more families being created.

It showed her experience, some of the parents' experiences and information about surrogacy in general.  It discussed being an ally and her uterus as an ally as well.  And somewhere along the way, she found that being open and honest about surrogacy lead to being honest and open about herself in other facets of her life.

So now it's time to use the same open and honest approach with her next blog.  The goal is to show people that her family is just like their own . . . it just happens to have two moms.  To eradicate myths.  To show the truth of her own experience. To bring others into this amazing journey . . . NO, not recruit straight moms to become gay moms, although she thinks she'll make a pretty good case based on help with laundry and meals alone ;)

So are you ready to go on an amazing journey that may include opening your heart and mind? Or at the very least spy on two women and their 4 kids? Well, then, let's do this!

An introduction . . .

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