Thursday, June 5, 2014

So, who are these "MOMS" you speak of?

The quickest way to introduce us, and then our family is a photo montage I created for Erin for Valentine's Day 2014.  It takes you through our courtship without, and then with our children.

I will do different posts about how we meet, how we told our children we were dating, etc. later. But for now, I give you . . . Us.

Erin just celebrated her 40th Birthday this week and Kelly will be joining her in November.  Erin works full time but has great flexibility within her job, so she is able to be home with the kids as much as possible.  Kelly works part time, which allows her to spend a ton of time with their kids as well.

Erin and Kelly share custody of their children and try to do the best job they can co-parenting. 

Our blog is only about what happens at our house, with two moms, and our experiences.

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